Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Temple Trip with Chapin Elders

President Holm told the young missionaries that they could go to the Temple once before Christmas. Missionaries don't ordinarily go to the temple, because their primary work is for the living and not the dead. Exceptions to that rule are at the end of their missions, they get to go together as a departing group, along with President and Sister Holm, the office staff, the APs and the "Traveling Sisters," and during their missions if they are going with converts they have taught, who are going to the temple.

However, since the new audio/visual presentation was released July 30th of this year, President wanted to give them all the chance to see it.  We got to take the two Elders who are assigned to our Branch today. About half of those in attendance were missionaries.  It was wonderful to see them there.
Elder Speck and Elder Nisson

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