Saturday, November 23, 2013

Small World!!!

Sister Barlow is from Corvallis, OR.  I had told her weeks ago, that I have a nephew who lives there, who is an anesthesiologist.  She said the name Grose sounded familiar but she couldn't place him.  Well, Thursday, I was showing her a picture of Dale's family, which included the nephew who lived in Corvallis.  Sister B. asked where the rest of the family was from and I told her Eugene.  Then I remembered that Scott had lived in Corvallis.  When I told her his name - she knew just who he was, and where he lived!  Her daughter's friend lived right next door to Scott and Amber when they were up there.  I, of course, had to shoot Scott a text and ask him if he remembered the Barlows from Corvallis.  He said, "Yes - big family - 10 kids - the dad had cancer and died while we lived in the ward."  Yep!  That's our Sister Barlow!
Ileen Barlow - Travel Coordinator  

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