Saturday, November 23, 2013

Nuggets from the Evening with Elder Bednar

  • Invite people to act, rather than treat them as objects to be acted upon.
  • Get to know the people, and help them to realize that we are here to help them.
  • Apply the scriptures to yourself and the people you teach.
  • Get out of the way and let the Spirit teach and bear witness to those you teach.
  • The Holy Ghost is the teacher - we are the guides.
  • Teach as Jesus taught - one by one.
  • Ask in faith, with an expectation to act.
  • Get up and go to work!
  • Faith can grow.  
  • As a conduit of the light, we have to be pure - not perfect, but working on it.
  • Start talking, even though you don't always know just what you're going to say.
  • Study the scriptures with people and ask them what they've learned.
  • Jump out of the boat - keep your eyes on the Savior.
  • Don't mess things up with a scripted presentation.
  • Let yourself be exposed and vulnerable.
  • Don't worry about what you're doing or how you look.
  • God will never leave you alone.  He won't leave you hanging, but he will allow you to struggle.
  • Do not dwell on past failures.  "That's enough regret!"  Look forward and do things differently.
  • Observe, listen and discern and you'll know what to say.  
  • Be quiet and let the Holy Ghost do the teaching.
  • Putting off the natural man means to stop doing bad stuff.  Start doing more and more good stuff.
  • Baptism and temple covenants are essential to returning to Christ.
  • Based upon what I have observed, felt and learned tonight - what will I do?

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