Saturday, November 9, 2013

Elder Arrington - Cotton Picker

Monday, the Fentons had to drive up north of here and set up an apartment.  When they got back, Sister Fenton was raving about the beautiful cotton fields they saw.  When we told her that we had never seen a cotton field, she decided that we needed a little field trip.  We closed the office at 4:30 and two car-loads of us drove  over to Congaree - a different, but closer area that had cotton fields.

The fields we saw had recently frozen, and had turned brown, but when we drove up to one, it was being harvested - so we parked and walked out to watch.  Two huge combines were combing the field in strips - picking cotton and hauling it back to a huge baler.  Once the cotton bolls were dumped into the baler, a couple of tampers went over the top of it - pressing it down and compacting it.  Then the combine dumped more on top and the process was repeated till the combine was empty.  Then it would take a few more swipes through the field.

Jack got curious, and walked right out to talk to one of the drivers, who had gotten down out of his machine. When the drive climbed back in, he invited Jack to go out into the fields with him - and of course, he accepted the invitation!

Elder Arrington aboard the cotton combine!  Lovin' every minute of it!

Photo of a beautiful little cotton boll that Sister Fenton brought back to the office

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