Saturday, November 23, 2013

Charleston with the Sisters!

What a fun trip we had on Friday!  We took the big van, loaded with furnishings for a new apartment we're opening up on James Island - near Charleston.  Sister Fenton, housing coordinator, drove.  Her husband made her drive it around a bit before we left, so she could get a feel for driving something that big.  :o)  Sister Barlow, Sister Mihlberger and I were passengers.  We had a wonderful, two-hour visit on the way down and back.  We stopped at the Sisters' old apartment and loaded up some of their belongings.  Then we went to lunch.  :o)

This surfboard has been in the apartment since 1993!
I think every missionary who ever lived there has signed it.  :o)

When we got to the Charleston Crab House, we asked a guy to take our pictures in front of the sign.  Sister Mihlberger said, "Make sure you get the sign in the picture - that's more important than getting us in there!" Well, he totally MISSED the sign - so Sister Barlow combined the two pics and here we are - in front of the up-side-down sign.  We asked our server about it, and she told us that a couple of years ago, the show "Flip That House" did a restaurant flip at their place, and somehow, the sign was flipped too - and they decided to leave it that way.  :o) 

This was the view out of the window by our table.  I had fish tacos, which were delightful!
We also had some fried green tomatoes and hush puppies and grilled summer vegetables.  All delicious!

I got a shot of the inside of the Crab House as Ssiter Mihlberger was leaving.

After we ate, we met the Sisters at their new apartment.and helped them haul their things upstairs. The new apartment will be nice - when it's finished!  The landlord (a member) still had to put another coat of paint on the woodwork and cupboards, and the toilet had malfunctioned, so he had called a plumber to come and fix that.  When everything's done - it will be very comfortable.
The road down to the new apartment was lined with trees - nice little neighborhood!
Here's a shot of some Spanish moss that hangs in the trees all over the area.

We drove down to the waterfront.  it is lined with mulit-million-dollar homes.  Just magnificent!  Notice the trimmed ivy that grows along the fronts of the steps up to the house.  And that cat!  Sitting like a statue, placed there for photographic interest.  :o)  Wish I hadn't cropped off the top of the palm tree, but oh well.
Here's a picture of the harbor, taken out the van window.
A row of painted houses, also on the waterfront, going north (I think).

A cobblestone rode in the waterfront area of Charleston
Another mansion on the waterfront...

Arthur Ravenel Bridge

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