Saturday, November 2, 2013


Most of the jobs I do at the office do not require a computer.  I can do referrals on my iPad - so that's cool.  And I can usually sneak in 15 or 20 minutes on somebody's computer to get my mailing labels done, but I've taken on another project where a computer is absolutely necessary and I don't have one.  I'm doing the mission newsletter!  :o)  Just my piece of cake!  But 15 or 20 minutes here or there isn't going to help me a bit on the newsletter!  Sometimes, I feel like a beggar - waiting till someone is away from their desk - or out of the office - so I can sit down and do my work.   I was dwelling on that one day last week - feeling sorry for myself, and really making the adversary happy!  When I realized that - I felt even worse!  Satan loves us to get discouraged and frustrated.  I know he does!

The next day was better.  Sister Fenton was out of the office all afternoon, so I got to use her computer - and Sister Barlow was there to help me learn Microsoft Publisher.  She's been a huge help!  Everything works out - especially if you're doing the Lord's work.  I know that too!

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