Sunday, November 3, 2013

Old Mother Hubbard

That's how I was beginning to feel!  The shelves in the media room were getting pretty bare!  We needed more of several kinds of pamphlets and pass-along cards - the ones that are mainstays of the missionaries! Jack is the one who'll be doing the ordering.  He, because he's ordering supplies, is designated as Mission Secretary, as well as Financial Secretary.  I made a list of the things we needed and he put in the order.  I was feeling very on-top-of-things after he sent it in (all supplies are ordered on-line).  The first of last week, FED-EX brought in a load of supplies, so I went into the back room to open boxes and replenish our shelves.  The first three boxes were missionary daily planners.  Then there was only one box left.  I thought maybe all the media supplies hadn't come in this FED-EX shipment.  Alas, they had.  Unfortunately, they were all in that one box!  Where we thought we had ordered 3 boxes of an item - Salt Lake Temple pass-along cards, for example - we were sent THREE pass-along cards!  We got THREE Joseph Smith's Testimony pamphlets, THREE Restoration pamphlets, TWO Finding Faith in Christ pass-along was like a stab in the heart!  I was wigging out! Clearly, it was a case of Jack's not being trained properly...and that happened, pretty much because there was nobody there to train him!  The person who had previously ordered supplies had returned home even before we got to the mission. I felt bad for Jack, because he had no idea!   But he knows now!  That afternoon, he called Salt Lake and put a rush on a new order.  It arrived in 4 days.  So now, we're good to go. As I was putting things on the shelves, I really felt like Mother Hubbard - after a grocery shopping spree.  :o)

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