Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Mystery We HAD to Solve!

While going through the mail this week, I came upon this letter, obviously written by a young child.  We have no Elder Noll in our mission.  I thought maybe the name was misspelled.  Elders Brimhall and Loos were in the office, so I asked them if they knew who it could be.  Nope.  We HAD to figure it out!  Just check out this letter!
Not sure what is under all the white-out!  :o)
 But look at the back of the letter!  We just HAD to find it's intended recipient!!!
Isn't that just heart rending!?!

It suddenly occurred to me that Elder Noll might be in the Georgia Macon Mission - a mission that was broken off  the South Carolina, Columbia Mission less than a year ago.  I checked out their roster, and sure enough!  There was Elder Noll.  We stuck a Georgia Macon label on it, and off it went.  Hopefully it will get to the lucky Elder before Christmas!

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