Tuesday, July 30, 2013


A few weeks after our call, President Holm called to welcome us to the mission.  Jack wasn't at home, so only I got to talk with him.  He said they are very excited to have us in the Columbia, SC Mission and he gave us a phone number to call if we have any questions or concerns.  He sounded very nice...and very young.  :o)

Here's a photo of President and Sister Holm with Emily Rogers
(a missionary from Farr West, and a friend of Bryan and Becky).
About mid-July, a Sister Decker called and talked to Jack.  She is the senior missionary who has been over finance.  Jack is going to replace her when we get to the mission.  She and her husband are leaving September 26th, so we will have at least a week and a half for Jack's training.  She asked us to give them a call when we know for sure when we'll be arriving, and they will move out of the apartment and into a hotel.  We will be living where they have lived for the last 18 months.  Sister Decker said it's a very nice place.  "It's an apartment, but it's a nice one - on a lake - with a walking path."  Sounds good to me!

A photo of the Deckers - the couple we'll be replacing.
A couple of weeks ago, we also got a letter of welcome from the Columbia, SC Mission.  It's hard to believe that we report at the MTC in only 34 days!  Wow!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Call

We received our call on June 1st...2 days before we departed for a 12-day church history tour, which took us from Palmyra, NY to Winter Quarters, Nebraska. We opened the call at Dad's, because he was fresh out of the hospital, following surgery to mend his arm, which he had broken the Saturday before. Dad has probably been more excited than anyone about our mission. We were called to serve in Columbia, South Carolina...as office specialists. I was excited for the call, because I have a good friend who lives about 40 minutes from where we'll be. Jack was excited because there is a military base there. We look forward to serving in this beautiful part of our country!