Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Look who popped in for a visit!!!

The door opened this afternoon and in walked Sister Koeven!  It was such  treat to see her!  She was one of the Sisters who lived with Sister Barlow and came to dinner at our home on Sunday.  I asked her how long she'd been gone.  I expected her to say 5 months - maybe 6...but no!  She left a YEAR ago!  Last November!  Unbelievable!!!

It was so fun to see this girl!!!

Perfectly Franks!

We went to Charleston with Dena November 1st.  It was cold and kind of rainy, but we were still able to get to Boone Hall Plantation and the Angel Oak, Rainbow Row and the Pineapple Fountain, Battery Park and...Perfectly Franks!

Dena had the Frank Sinatra, I had the Aretha Franklin and Jack had Frank Cuda.
Best hot dogs ever!  (If there ever was a good hot dog.)

Snow in Lexington November 1st?!?!?!

I got a text on November 1st from the Larsens, who had begun their trip back to Vegas that morning. They were driving through SNOW in Lexington!!!  Unbelievable!

This was the view from the Larsens' vehicle as they drove through Lexington!

Had to make pumpkin cookies!!!

I bouoght a pumpkin cookie cutter mid-October and almost forgot about making cookies!  I remembered Halloween night, in fact!  I had bought the cutter and I felt compelled to make cookies with it!  I finished baking and decorating them around 8:30 at night and Jack delivered them to Sister Ta'ala and the Irmo Sisters, the Nolans and all the Dutch Fork Elders.  We took the rest of the cookies to the office and the APs took them to Fort Jackson role play Saturday morning.  They were really, really good!  (Thank you Mrs. Jones!)

Maybe the best sugar cookie recipe ever!  Mmmmmmmm

End of mission for the Larsens!

We enjoyed working in the office with Elder and Sister Larsen.  They came in when Elder and Sister Fenton left in May.  They did a great job in the office and in Union. where Elder Larsen was Branch President and Sister Larsen was Relief Society President (I think).  We'll miss working with them!

Elder and Sister Larsen - on their way home to Las Vegas

Another trip to the Farmer's Shed

Every time we have visitors, we take them to The Farmer's Shed.  It's such a fun and friendly place to go, and the food is good!  I love their collards!!!

Dena loved the Shed!  Most of all, I think she loved that it wasn't crowded!

Behold, the field is white, already to harvest! (D&C 4:4)

Dena and I spent the afternoon of October 30th lost!  We headed out after lunch for Congaree National Park.  Dena's GPS is messed up.  We ended up taking the looooong way around to the park, making what should have been a 45 minutes trip almost a 3 hour trip!  But that allowed for time stopping at the AWESOME cotton fields we happened upon along our way!  They were the most beautiful cotton fields I've seen since coming to South Carolina!  Dena took lots of close-up photos and we picked a few bolls to take home to the grandkids.

Beautiful cotton fields located out by St. Matthews, SC.  They were amazing!  

Going to miss those Dutch Fork Sisters!!!

At transfers October 29th, both Dutch Fork Sisters were moved out of their area and reassigned to Greenville.  There were six missionaries in Dutch Fork - too many, really.  Now there are only four Elders.  We're going to miss Sister Daniels and little Sister Bowman.  They were so fun to have over for dinner on Sundays.  Darling girls and awesome missionaries!  Love them both!

Sister Clark, Sister Stoker, Sister Daniels and Sister Bowman!  How we love these beautiful Sister missionaries!