Saturday, November 23, 2013

New neighbor - New Contact!

When we got home tonight, a couple of men were in the wooded area behind our apartment, smoking and walking a beautiful big dog.  I called out to them and told them we had been saving bones in our freezer, and asked if their dog could have them.  We used to give bones to "Little Dog," who lived in the front apartment, but he moved away.  We've continued to save the bones, in hopes we'd meet another dog.

The men came over and talked with us.  The younger one's name was John, and his father was with him - also named John.  Of course, Jack's real name is John too, so they all have that in common.  They had moved here from Palmyra NY.  We told them we had just been there in June on a church history tour.

"Oh!  Then, you're Mormons!"  They said that they weren't Mormon, but they had been to the Palmyra Pageant several times and loved it.  The younger one couldn't figure out why we hadn't seen it.  "You're Mormon, and you were right there, and you didn't see it???"  His father reminded him that it is only a two-week performance and that is in July.  We were there too early to see it.

Very, very nice gentlemen.  The dog's name is Apollo.  The wife of the younger man was upstairs.  We hope to meet her soon.  :o)  And now, it's 1:02 AM and I am going to bed!  Good thing church isn't till 11:00. Zzzzzzzzzzz

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