Saturday, November 2, 2013

So Sad!

Friday was Zone Training Meetings in Irmo.  And at the end of the meetings, the office was deluged with young Elders and Sisters wanting to pick up media orders and checking to see if there was any mail for them in the office.  Elder Esplin and Elder Lamb asked me to check and see what address their mail was being sent to.  I pulled out the book and told them, and Elder Esplin said, "We haven't lived at that address for over two transfers (over twelve weeks!).  That just made my heart ache.  Good thing for email, or these two Elders wouldn't have heard anything  from their families in all that long time!  Heaven only knows where their packages have gone!  I feel so responsible!  But I am not the one putting the addresses in the book and on the labels!  I've got to see that these corrections are made - and that things like this don't happen again!  I guess I'm going to have to learn to update IMOS (International Missionary Operations System)!  My brain is going to be so full of stuff!  I hope it doesn't explode!

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