Thursday, November 21, 2013

Elder Bednar

The whole evening with Elder Bednar was perfect!  We arrived at the church at 4 PM.  The APs brought all the boxes and packages that we'd had been holding for delivery to the missionaries.  They also brought lots of media orders that had been clogging up the back room.  Everyone went through those and took what belonged to them to their cars.  At 5:00, everyone gathered in the chapel and President Holm talked to us.  He and Sister Holm then left for the airport to pick up Elder Bednar.  Before he left, however, he introduced us to the missionary who had baptized him as a young 17-year-old, in St. George UT, and he bore his testimony to all of us.
President Holm's two counselors were in charge of gathering everyone for pictures.  Everything was planned precisely.  There would be a row in front, sitting; a row behind them, kneeling;  next row, sitting;  next row standing;  next row standing on small chairs; next row sitting on the stage; kneeling on the stage and finally standing on the stage.  Whew!  Once we got into place (with chairs saved for Elder Bednar, the Holms and the traveling sisters), we just stayed there.  Someone started singing hymns.  Most of them sounded good, but one was so bad it hurt my ears!  Two different groups started at once, and neither of them was willing to blend with the other, and they clashed like heck!  Ouch!
Soon, a hush came over the room.  They had arrived.  They took their seats and the photographer snapped three shots, and we were done.  Everyone filed into the chapel, took their seats, and the meeting began.

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