Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Best News EVER!

When we got to the office this morning, Sister Barlow checked the email.  We were all thrilled to find out that Elder Lumpkin will be staying in the SCCM for another 18 months!  Elder L. was sent to us two transfers (12 weeks) ago as a short term missionary.  He is legally blind and needs a lot of assistance physically.  I think the Brethren wanted to see how he'd do with the rigors of missionary life.  He has been stellar!  A real trooper!  And the young man has such a giant spirit!  You meet him and just fall in love!  What a special missionary he is!  He has been assigned to two amazing companions, Elder Bowen and Elder James.  They have been a real blessing to Elder Lumpkin, but I'll bet they'd both tell you that HE was a greater blessing in their lives!
Elder Lumpkin with Sister and President Holm

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