Saturday, February 22, 2014

Our 4th Transfer

Wednesday was our 4th transfer.  That means we have been in the mission for over 24 weeks!  March 2nd will be 1/3 down!  Unbelievable!

This transfer was just like the others.  I love transfers!  I've said it before - but it's the only comparison i can think of.  Transfers is just like Christmas!  So many of the missionaries gather, and the anticipation is HIGH! Only a handful of people know where everyone is being sent and with whom everyone is being paired.  It is such a fun and spiritual time!  It's spiritual, mostly because all of the missionaries who have completed their missions - all who are FINISHERS - get to speak to us and bear their testimonies.  All are so strong!    As usual, I jotted down notes as the finishers spoke to us.

Sister Meier told about the goals she and her companion had for her last week on her mission.  They wanted 100 contacts and ___ lessons.  At this point, I'm not sure of the number of lessons they wanted to teach, but I'll ask the STLs.  I think they'll know.  They were close to reaching their goals, and then the storm hit!  They were pretty much grounded for two days!.  They had something like 45 more contacts to get, and 15 lessons to teach.  They were devastated - but they were not going to give up!  On the last day, Sister Meier said they were literally running from house to house - trying to make their goal of 100 contacts!  At noon, they had three more lessons to give - but they MADE it!  She said \she'd never worked so hard, nor felt so close to the Spirit during her whole mission.  She LOVED the feeling!

Sister Garlick

Elder Peterson

Elder Tanner

Elder Tonga

Sister Gale (testimony read by Sister Holm)

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