Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sometimes Mail is Fun

February 8, 2014

Got four fun pieces of mail this week.  The first was a post card, cut out of a Cheerios Box.  I thought it was pretty clever.

This piece made me laugh.  It was tire-tracked and shredded and what was inside?  Personal Driving Record Forms.  Haha

One of the Sisters sent in money to pay for name tags she ordered.  She sent it in this colorful little envelope, which I will keep and treasure.  :o)
See the two Sister Missionaries - with name tags?  So cute!!!

This last one is the kind that drives me nuts!  It actually wan't hard to figure out, once I thought about it.  I figured the smelly sister must have been named Melanie and we only have one of those in our mission.  I called her and asked if she knew the sender, and she did, so I labeled it and sent it off to her.

She'll be Smelly Melly to me forever more.  :o/

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