Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Three New Sisters Spend the Night

Monday and Tuesday nights we had three of the 9 new Sisters here.  We had such cute girls!  One was from Portland, one from Seattle and the third from Sandy, UT.  When they were telling us about themselves, Sister Call, the one from Seattle, said that she had family in Pleasant View.  We have two sons who live over there!  She asked if we knew any of the Joneses.  Of course we did.  We lived in the Pleasant View Stake for 10-15 years/  Turns out her Grandpa is Bruce Jones, whom Joyce Wheeler married when they both lost their spouses a few years back.  What is really cool, is that she's staying in this area.  She will be trained by Sister Lester, and they're assigned to the Irmo Ward.  She'll be having dinner with us once a month on Sunday.  Fun!

Here's a picture of the three of them just before they headed over to the church for transfers...
Beautiful Sisters Call, Archibald and Millet!  

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