Monday, February 17, 2014

Goodbye Sister Gale and Sister Garlick

Sister Gale was scheduled to go home with the other departing missionaries on Thursday, but due to a family emergency, she left 3 days early.  President wanted to give her a proper send off, so he invited the office staff and the three Sister Training Leaders over for cake Sunday night.  Sister Gale and Sister Garlick were our first Sister Training leaders.  I have great respect for both of them.  We got to hear Sister Gale in action out at Fort Jackson on Conference Sunday in October.  She is a powerful missionary.  She will be missed!  Sister Garlick left with the other missionaries on Thursday.  She will be missed also!  But, she's from Centerville - and I'm  hoping we haven't seen the last of her!  :o)

Sister Gale and Sister Garlick - our original "Traveling Sisters."
Sister Gale ALWAYS wore a flower in her hair.  She's from Hawaii.  :o)

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