Saturday, February 15, 2014

Yeah, We're Classy!

When we got home Friday night, it was almost 8:30.  I didn't feel like going out, and besides EVERY restaurant was overflowing with the Valentine's Day crowd.  So, after we gassed up the truck at Kroger's, we stopped at KFC for a bucket of chicken and THREE sides...ALL COLESLAW!

As I was sitting in the car waiting for Jack, I couldn't help but laugh at our "romantic" and classy dinner fare.  :o)

But, on the OTHER hand...  Jack has always been big on flowers, and this year was no exception.  He had ordered this beautiful bouquet before he found out we'd be gone all day on February 14th, so it sat at the office till we got back into town.

What a special Valentine I have!   Love him with all my !  :o)

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