Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Valentine Tradition

Every year, since I can remember, I've made and decorated sugar cookies for Valentine's Day.  Since we were grounded because of the storm, I decided to bake.  I had everything I needed for the cookies except a heart shaped cookie cutter.  So...we made one.  I had a number 2 1/2 can of tomatoes in the pantry.  That was just about the right size.  I opened it up and put the tomatoes in a quart jar, then took off the bottom lid as well.  Jack helped me, and together we shaped that can pretty good!
I'm surprised the tongue's not wiggling here!  :o)
Not bad, eh?

I tweaked them a bit after I cut them - but they look pretty good, I thought.

When I was finished, Jack cleaned up the mess.  He's thoughtful like that.  He's great!!!

The finished product.  I felt that decorating them and writing on each one was too time consuming,
so they just got spread with icing and sprinkled with little candy hearts this year.

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