Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Very Busy Valentine's Day!

We got to the office at 9 AM and left almost immediately for Conway.  We drove the mission truck and pulled the trailer, which had been packed with furniture for missionary apartments.  With the continued influx of new missionaries, we are creating 4 packs in many of the existing apartments.  Where there has been one set of missionaries, there will now be two companionships.  So, we needed more beds, chairs, desks and dressers.

Our first stop was Conway, where we met Sisters Stanley and Anderson at their apartment.  The two Conway Elders were also there, parked AWAY from the girls' apartment and sitting in their car.  It is so funny to see the extreme care they take not to mingle with missionaries of the opposite sex.  It is almost laughable, until you realize that they are just trying very hard to be obedient - and to keep their minds (and hearts) focused on the Savior and His work.

Here are the wonderful Conway missionaries...

Sister Stanley and Sister Anderson

Elder Wilbert and Elder Ah Kuoi

At our stop in Marion, the Sisters were not at their apartment.  They were working in a nearby city that day so we left the desk on the front porch of a member neighbor.  We didn't get to see the Sisters, but we left them a couple of cookies.  Hope the dogs, or squirrels, or the neighbors didn't eat them.  Haha

Our last stop was Florence.  By the time we got there...SURPRISE!  Elder Wilbert (one of the Conway Elders) was there with Elder Lavulo.  He and Elder Davis had gone on exchange.  So Elder Davis was back in Conway with Elder Ah Kuoi and Elder Wilbert was in Florence.  Jack did a double-take when he saw him.  He told us..."I just came back for more cookies."  Haha.  He did get another one.  Shhh.  Don't tell.  We also left some for the Florence Sisters, because one of them is sort of Jack's cousin...Sister Kate Jorgensen.

Here is Elder Wilbert again...with Elder Lavulo.

Elder Lavulo and Elder Wilbert....again  :o)

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