Monday, March 10, 2014

Like a Lamb to the Slaughter or Like a Sheep to the Shearer

Finally!  After 6 months, I got my hair cut!  I was so nervous, because only Dixie has done my hair for many, many years!  Good thing was, she didn't do anything too drastic.  When I left the salon, I was a little too foofy for my liking, so I combed through my hair and curled it with the curling iron before I went back to the office.
I hate coming home with a "done" look!  Always have!

So, I combed it all out and started over again.  Guess I just like the casual look..
(While checking through my blog a week later, I noticed that you can't really see my hair against our couch.  That is because it's still MOSTLY BROWN!  Maybe brown with silver hightlights?  Hahaha!)

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