Monday, March 10, 2014

SEVEN Baptisms at Fort Jackson!

There were seven baptisms at the Fort Sunday, March 9th!  I asked Sister Fenton if that was a record, but she didn't know.  I guess they were doing interviews and filling out records just as fast as they could.  Elder Fenton turned the baptizing over to Elder Muir, so they wouldn't have to take the time for others to get in and out of the font.  Our church is allowed only so much time for their use of the Anderson Chapel (at Fort Jackson), so they had to hurry things up.  (I'm thinking they are only allowed two hours and then they have to clear out so another denomination can use the chapel.)

I asked Sister Fenton if she had pictures and she said, "Heaven's no!  There was no time for pictures!!!  We were too busy getting the paperwork done!  :o)  I think some of the missionaries got some shots though. Hoping that they'll send me one.

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