Monday, March 10, 2014

Our First Two Chapin Baptisms...

When we got to church Sunday morning, we were thrilled to hear that Mitchel's parents gave their blessing on his baptism!  He's wanted to be baptized for a few weeks now, and technically, he could have been, but he wanted to wait for his parents' blessing.  They weren't too excited about it at first.  Mitchel is so happy!  He's a wonderful person, and will be an asset to the Chapin Branch and to his family!  He will also have the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in his life.  He will be getting baptized next Saturday, March 15th. We will attend!  I can't wait!

We also met Sister Mary R. who will be getting baptized the following Sunday.  I remember putting in the referral for Mary and her husband Larry a couple of months ago.  It was the first referral I entered that was for the Chapin Branch.  We get to attend Mary's baptism too!

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