Sunday, March 30, 2014

"Why'd you do it? Why did you become Mormon?"

Church was wonderful today!  The Spirit there was so strong!  I LOVE the Chapin Branch!  Today was Fast Sunday, because of General Conference next week.  So many people came up to bear their testimonies!  The two new converts, Mitchell and Mary were among the first.

Mitchell said that a few days after he was baptized, one of his school friends took him aside and asked, "Why'd you do it?  Why did you become Mormon?"  Mitch said he was taken by surprise, and didn't know exactly what to say.  He told his friend, "Well, there are a lot of reasons."  His friend said, "Just give me one good reason."  Mitchell finally said, "I had a lot of questions and the Mormon Church answered them."  He said, "My friend was satisfied with that answer, but I wasn't."  He spent the next few days trying to sort out exactly why he had decided to be baptized.

He told us that when he was a little boy, it hit him one day that people get old and they die.  He began worrying about his parents dying.  When he talked to them about his fears, they just told him not to worry about it because they were young, and that wouldn't happen for a long, long time.  That was the only answer they had for him.  But it was enough to get him through that time.

Now, he said, with his knowledge of the Plan of Salvation, he knew that life and death are all a part of God's plan for us and he's not worried at all about the future.  He said, "There is no doubt in my mind that I did the right thing."  Mitchell is a great young man!!!

Mary also bore her testimony.  She said that she had been sick and was searching for answers.  She was reading a lot from the bible.  As she read Psalm 25:4, "Shew me thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths," she prayed, "Heavenly Father, please show me your ways.  Show me the path that I need to take."  She said that she had the thought come to her, "Joseph will show you the way."  She thought, "Joseph?  Who's Joseph?"

Mary said that she prayed fervently for answers.  She said, "God, if you're really there, you've got to knock at my door."  Within minutes, there were two missionaries at her door.  She said she only opened the door a crack, because she was in her pajamas, but she talked to the Elders through the blind.  She said they were very sympathetic and asked her if they could do anything for her.  She told them she didn't think so, but they gave her a pass-along card through the door.

After the missionaries left, Mary read through the card, and decided that maybe this was something God wanted her to do.  She called the 800 number on the card, and got a message.  Again she prayed to God that if He wanted her to find out about this church, someone would call her back.  Within minutes, the phone rang and it was a Temple Square Sister Missionary.

The Temple Square missionaries taught Mary over the phone for several days/weeks (I don't actually know how long).  I DO remember when the referral came in from Temple Square for Mary and Larry.  I remember being so excited about a referral for the Chapin Branch!  I told Elder Nisson when I saw him at a training meeting, and he said he could remember their names.  So Elder Nisson was one of those first two Chapin missionaries that contacted Mary.  I don't know who his companion was at the time.

When the referral came through, Sister Missionaries were now assigned to teach in half the Chapin Branch, and Larry and Mary lived in the Sisters' area. 
Sisters Walker and Wellman had the opportunity to finish teaching them and help them prepare for baptism.  Mary was ready first.  Larry wasn't quite ready to commit.   But a week after Mary's baptism, her husband was ready to set a date.  I knew he would!

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