Monday, March 10, 2014

Canceled Flight!

We were scheduled to leave Columbia on March 4th at 8:30 AM to fly back for Lex's wedding.  About 5:30 the night before, we got a phone call from Delta, saying our flight was canceled!  What???  Within a few minutes, they called again and said that we'd be on an 11:59 flight instead.  That was good, but we didn't know how we could possible make our 1:15 flight out of Atlanta!  Fact was, we couldn't.  We were going to miss the opportunity to go to the temple with Alexis as she received her own endowment.  Bummer!  On the bright side, we'd be able to be at John and Ann's when Nate opened his mission call.

Another good thing that happened because of the changed flight plans is that we made a missionary contact at the Memphis Airport.  A gentleman we sat next to while waiting to board our plane struck up a conversation with Jack.  He ended up giving us his information and asked that missionaries stop by to teach him.  :o)

John picked us up at the airport just after he had stopped by Ann's Uncle Craig Hill's home to get Nate's call.  Her Uncle is over finances of the missions of the church, and had planned to hand deliver the call that night.  Here's the call, in my hand...on the way up to Pleasant View!
Can't wait to see where he's assigned!

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