Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cinnamon Rolls

When the sisters were over for lunch today, they asked us if we had any traditions for conference weekend. We told them about Lisa cooking breakfast for us on Sunday morning before the 10:00 session, but since that wasn't going to happen this year, we might make cinnamon rolls and invite the missionaries over before conference.

Sister Creager said, "Did we ever tell you the story about your cinnamon rolls at Christmas?"  No, they did not.

We had had two breakfasts in our apartment on Christmas Morning.  The first one was for the Sisters. We had them over at 7 AM because they were taking a trip up to Greenville, to visit a Sister up there who was having a hard time and was probably missing her family. After the Sisters ate breakfast, I put a dozen of the cinnamon rolls in a zip-lock bag and told them to take them up to Sister S.

I didn't hear any more about the incident until today.  Sister Creager said that a couple of weeks after Christmas, someone told her that Sister S. had been praying that someone would give her some cinnamon rolls for Christmas.  They had always been a tradition in her family at Christmas Time and she thought if someone gave her cinnamon rolls, it would make everything better.

I've heard of things like that happening before, but it was very humbling to know that I had been an instrument in God's hands to make someone happy last Christmas.  I believe that I was, and it will always be a tender and humbling memory for me.

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