Sunday, March 16, 2014

Don't Try This at Home!

Spring is in the air and I was getting a hankering for foil dinners, so I thought I'd try them in the crock pot.  Bad idea!  All day at the office I was thinking how it was NOT going to work!  The crock pot holds the moisture in and foil dinners need a dry heat!  I just knew they were going to be soggy and metallic tasting. When we opened them up, they looked pretty good, but they were NOT!  I made four.  We ate two of them that night (with a lot of ketchup) and Jack ate one the next day.  The last one was burned because it was small and sat on the bottom of the crock.  And it wasn't the good kind of burned - it was nasty!  Yuck!

Think it looks good?  Well, looks can be deceiving!  NOT good, at all!

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