Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pics of the Locals

With transfers coming up next week, we've been trying to get pictures of all the missionaries we have to dinner on Sunday and the Chapin missionaries we take to dinner once a month.  We just never know which ones will be transferred out of our area!
Sister Call (Bruce Jones' granddaughter)

 Sister Lester

 Sister Law

Sister Schauerhamer

The week after we had these sisters to dinner, Sister Law was transferred to Charleston.  Sister Borgholthaus came up to be with Sister Schauerhamer.  Two GREAT German names!  Turns out that Sister Borgholthaus's distant grandfather was a German Nazi, who ended up marrying one of his captives.  A book was written about that relative.  I think it's called "Traitor."  And Sister Schauerhamer has read the book! The two get lots of comments from people they visit because of their distinctive German names!

Elder Muir and Elder Hatch

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