Friday, January 10, 2014

Three New Sisters Sleep-Over!

We were blessed with the opportunity to house three new sisters again this transfer.  Sister Lamborn is from Providence, UT.  Sisters Ridley and Vaifuna are both from Southern California.  All three are beautiful young women - inside and out.  I admire them so much for choosing to serve!  It was so fun to sit and visit with them a bit in the evenings, after they returned from training and knocking doors with their temporary trainers.  Monday night, I walked into the kitchen and saw something turning around and around inside my was a COW!  What???  A cow in my microwave?!?  It belonged to Sister Lamborn.  It was a microwavable beanbag cow.  She was heating it up to take to bed with her to keep herself warm.  One of the cutest things I've even seen!
A COW in my microwave?!?!?!

Sister Lamborn's cow  :o)

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