Sunday, January 5, 2014

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

I almost always take note during testimony meeting, but I don't always post them.  There were two today, however that really touched my heart and I want to remember them.

The first was a young mom, who told about the prayer of her little 7-year-old daughter. She and her brother and sister are always afraid of robbers and boogeymen who might come while they're asleep.  So every night they pray that Heavenly Father will bless them so they won't be afraid and they'll be able to sleep.  One night, after the mom had left the room, the 7-year-old got back on her knees and said a silent prayer.  Later she told her mom what she had prayed about.  She said, "I asked Heavenly Father to help the robbers and boogeymen to know that they are a child of God.  Then, if they know that, they won't do all that bad stuff."

How sweet is that?  I LOVE little kids!

The other testimony I want to remember is one related by a 14-year-old girl.  She is a dancer.  She went to a fireside with the Young Women a few weeks ago and they had a special guest speaker who talked about modesty.  This young 14-year-old made a commitment to herself that night that she would always try to be modest in her dance.  Just a few days later, the dance coach brought the costumes that were going to be used in a dance routine the girls had been practicing since June.  Six whole months!  And the young girl had her place secured in the routine.  However, when she saw the costumes they'd be wearing, she was concerned.  She felt that if she wore that costume, she would be breaking the commitment she had made to herself.  She went and talked to her dance coach.  She told her that she had a problem with the costumes and asked if she could alter hers.  If not, then she would not be able to participate in that routine.  The coach abruptly told her that she was out of the routine.  It pretty much broke her heart.  But she stuck to her guns and kept her commitment.  There was no parental persuasion involved.  It was something she decided on her own.  A while later, the coach called her back and told her that she could participate and could alter her costume.  By then, however, she was content with the decision she had made.  She told us, "I didn't really feel comfortable with that whole routine anyway."

That was a testimony to me of the strength of the youth of the church!  I hope my own grand kids will always hold on to their values and realize the blessings that the Lord has in store for those who do.  :o)

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