Sunday, January 5, 2014

Orientation Booklets

Before the Mihlbergers left, Sister Mihlberger cut about 17 booklets so we wouldn't have so many to do for the next transfer.  Bless her heart!  I only had to cut 12 more of them to cover all the new missionaries and have a few extras for visa waiters.

She had me help cut them, so I'd know how to do it when the job was mine alone.  It was easy enough!  But with her gone, and me with a very bad memory - it took a while before I figured it out again!  Two cuts, turn it upside down and two more cute.  Finally got it and finished up all the cutting and stacking in order.

Jack had to help me figure out how to cut the fronts.  He ended up making a paper copy of the printed cardstock, just so he'd have something to practice on.  I appreciated his help so much and started to realize that I really COULD get the booklets done by transfers!

I remembered the hole punching and the rest was a piece of cake, although a little time consuming!  Dena was freaking out that we do all the booklets by hand - but it's really not too bad if you stay on hop of the job.  When I was down to screwing the little bindings onto the booklets, the STLs asked if they could help me, but I declined their offer.  I just sat at my desk and finished up - and too media orders and requests for help from missionaries.
It was fun screwing in the little bindings.  I told Reagan I'd save her all the little short pieces.
 I'm sure she could think of a project using them.  :o)

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