Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Caught With My Hand in the Cookie Jar!!!

We had signed up to feed the Chapin Elders last night, January 14th.  Usually, when we feed the Chapin Elders, we pick them up and their place and take them to dinner in Chapin, because it's a good 20 minutes away from us, and to bring them to our place for dinner and take them home would be way too time consuming!  Restaurants in Chapin are very limited, so when we heard that there was a zone training meeting all day at the Stake Center and Elders Speck and Barker would be there, we were excited, because that would greatly enhance our options for dinner. What we should have done was bring them to our home for dinner, then take them on to Chapin.  (Didn't think of that till just now!)

Instead, we asked them where they'd like to go.  Elder Speck had a $10 gift card for Red Robin, so he said he'd like to go there.  We put Red Robin in the GPS and it said there was one 28 minutes from the Stake Center.  Well, that would have been fine if we had been heading toward Chapin to get to Red Robin.  Instead, we were heading in the exact opposite direction.  But off we went!  I was feeling very uncomfortable the whole way.  I knew we were way out of our area - more importantly, out of the Elders' area.  It seemed like it too forever to get to Red Robin!

Jack and I ordered the same thing we always get at Red Robin at home (been there 1/2 a dozen times), but it wasn't nearly as good as I remembered.  The Elders loved their burgers, though, and we had a nice chat over the meal.  

Just as we were finishing up and preparing to leave, I noticed that someone was calling my cell phone.  I pulled it out of my purse and looked at the screen.  "President Holm - end/answer."  I passed it off to Jack.  "I'm not talking to him!"  Yikes!  HOW did he know where we were??? 

When I verbalized that thought, "How did he know???"  Elder Barker said, "He has eyes in the back of his head." Haha!  

Turned out that the President actually wanted to talk to me.  He was in the office and noticed that I had several name tags bagged up and ready to deliver to missionaries, throughout the mission, who had ordered them.  He was going to be up in Greenville today and wanted to know if he could take the tags that needed to go to that area with him.  Whew!

The drive back home seemed a lot quicker.  Shortly after we left Red Robin, I heard Elder Speck on the phone in the back seat.  He was calling the APs to let them know what we had done.  Confession!  Haha!  I guess he felt that he needed to come clean.  :o)  Elder Hatch told him not to do it again and have him a "slap on the wrist over the phone."  

The part that made me feel worst was that we didn't get the Elders back to their apartment till 7:00.  We had wasted an hour of their prime time for finding and teaching.  That won't happen again!  

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