Thursday, January 2, 2014

An All-Out Media Day!

So, Wednesday there were LTMs  (Leadership Training Meetings) at the Irmo Chapel.  Jack remembered how in the past, the office was deluged, after the meetings, with missionaries wanting media.  The office was closed on Wednesday because it was New Year's Day.  Jack asked President Holm if he wanted us to go over to the office around 4:00 so we could get media for the Elders and Sisters.  President Holm said he didn't want us to have to do that, so he told Elder Stadel (AP) to send out a mission-wide text letting everyone know that if they wanted media on Wednesday, they needed to call the office and put in their orders.

That was around noon on Tuesday.  From that point on, my day was shot!  I'd barely put down the phone and it would ring again.  When I had 12 orders piled up on my desk, I thought I'd better get to the back room and start putting orders together.  Jack said he'd answer the phone for me and write up any additional orders.  I must have been gathering media for 3 1/2 hours straight and I was pooped!  I admit that I was also murmuring.  When I finally finished and went in on Elder Fenton's computer to check referrals, Elder Hatch, one of the APs,  appeared in the doorway and asked me if I'd do him a favor.  Without even thinking, I said, "NO!"  He started to laugh and I mellowed.  He just wanted me to look up the phone number for Marco's Pizza.  He and Elder Stadel were staying late preparing for the LTMs and needed some dinner.  Jack and I  ended up running to Jimmy John's for sandwiches.  It was my peace offering.  I really was ornery that afternoon.  It's a great idea to send out a text, but send it a week in advance next time, I say!

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