Friday, January 10, 2014

Seven New Ford Fusions!

Everyone in the office (everyone but me), along with four local Elders, left this afternoon to go pick up SEVEN brand new cars for the mission.  I am so glad that I opted to be the one to stay at the office!  It took 15 minutes for them to drive over to Dick Smith's on Two Notch Road to pick up the cars, and almost an hour to get back to the office in a driving rainstorm!  Thankfully, they all arrived safely, and without incident. If we have a good day tomorrow, I'll run out to the parking lot and get a pic of the 7 new vehicles.  Nice cars!

And here they are!  Our new babies!  They'll be out in the field the first of next week.  :o)
 Those young missionaries better take care of  'em!

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