Sunday, January 26, 2014

Back to Ecuador for Elder Zurita

Thursday was Elder Zurita's last day in the mission.  He never worked in the Columbia area while we were her, so we didn't get to know him really well - but I've heard that he was an outstanding Spanish-Speaking missionary!  When he and Elder Noyes got to the office, Elder Zurita was nervous as a cat!  I told him he reminded me of a soon-to-be new father in the waiting room of labor and delivery!  He was totally pacing.  Pacing the office!  I put him and his companion to work blacking out postal codes on the letters and packages.  We chatted as they worked.  I asked, "So, Elder Zurita, does it seem like your time has passed quickly?"  "Oh, Sister Arrington!" he exclaimed.  "You have no idea!"  (Actually, I do!  I cannot believe 1/4 of our mission is over!)  Elder Zurita plans to go home and work till fall, then go to school.  He would really love to get into BYU, but if he doesn't, he'll go to a university in Ecuador.  I know he will be successful in whatever he does!!!  Bless his heart!
Helping to mark out the postal codes.  Love this young Elder!!!

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