Friday, January 10, 2014

Love These Missionaries!

The Elders and the Sisters are always so appreciative of us office workers!  Missions truly bring out the best in these young people!  They always thank us for the things we do and they're always telling us they love us.   Gosh!  It's great to be in the office and be in contact with so many of them!  I talk to so many of them on the phone, but never get to see them to really put names with faces.  During transfers, and training meetings and zone conferences, I get to see a lot of them, so I'm getting to be a little more familiar with them.  I decided Saturday, I'm going to keep a file on my desk that has all the missionaries' pictures in it.  Whenever they call to order media, or  new name tags, I'm going to look at their pictures as I talk to them.  :o)

Got money in the mail Monday to pay for Elder Marberger's new name tags.  He included this note and origami as a thank you.  :o)

Love this cute origami missionary shirt and tie...and name tag.  ♥♥♥

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