Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tim's Baptism

Today we had the privilege to see another baptism in the Chapin Branch.  We have been so impressed with this man.  He bore his testimony after the baptism.  He said the God has been trying to get into his life for 23 years, but he managed to shut Him out.  He had no interest in religion.  He said that the missionaries had contacted him probably 20 times and he told them he didn't want to hear their message.  But then, Two elders stopped by and offered him their service.  They asked for nothing in return and that simple act touched his heart.  At that time, they asked again if they could teach him and he agreed.  He said that as they taught, and as his studied and read the Book of Mormon, he knew that what they were teaching him was true.  He's had a great desire to be baptized.  He expressed his appreciation to the members of the Branch who have been so helpful to him and so welcoming.  He wants to lead out in his family.  His wife and their son and also an older son and daughter were at the baptism.  I wouldn't  be surprised if his wife soon follows him into the waters of baptism.  He would love that, but he's not going to push.  I heard him telling someone last week that she had picked up the Book of Mormon and started reading it.  He said, "I didn't even ask her to read."  He was very pleased.

Elder Arnoldsen, Tim, Elder Weston

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