Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Loaves and the Fishes

We were supposed to feed the Sister Training Leaders last Sunday, but it was Sister Barlow's last weekend, and she had moved out of her apartment to make room for Sister Ta'ala, so we invited both of them.

The four sisters who lived with Sister Barlow (and now Sister Ta'ala) had planned to get dinner appointments with members in their assigned wards, but nothing came through.  Jack told them, "If you don't get dinner appointments, let us know!"  Well, they didn't.  When Sister Barlow and Sister Ta'ala came, they told us that the four Sisters were at the apartment and planned on making cookies for lunch.  Well, that wouldn't do at all!  We got them on the phone, and Jack gave them what for!  He told them to get themselves down to our apartment pronto, and join us for supper.  We set up the small table and grabbed some paper plates and plastic utensils (missionary apartments are not equipped for crowds).  Even though we hadn't planned on feeding 10 - there seemed to be plenty of food.  There were even seconds on the home-made Oreo ice cream!

We sure do love our missionaries!!!

Sisters Come to Supper!

S. Barlow, S. Ta'ala, S. Clark, S. Derrick, S. Daniels, S. Bowman, S. Roundy and S. Clemons

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