Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Switching Missions Mid-Stream

We've been blessed to have three visa-waiters in our mission for a good long time!  Elder Gonzalez and Elder Blackner have been in the SCCM a little over a year.  Elder Orchard came in January.  Finally...FINALLY, their visas arrived!  They were "excited but nervous," to be going to Brazil.  All three went to different missions, but they got to travel to SanPaulo together.  They will spend two weeks in the MTC down there before they ship out to their assigned areas.  President Turner said, "Actually, I'm a little bitter.  I just lost three GREAT missionaries!"  :o)  Glad we will be seeing them again at our SCCM reunions.

Elder Blackner and Elder Orchard spent their last night with us, then Jack took them to the airport.

Elder Orchard, Elder Gonzalez (who met up with us at the office) and Elder Blackner

I had to get a shot of Elder Gonzalez' ring!  A member made it for him out of a dollar bill.  :o)

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