Friday, September 12, 2014

Bienheim Ginger Ale

When we were in Charleston, Danny and Dalena went to Harris Teeter's.  He loves Harris Teeters from his GWU days where he lived right across the street from one.  Anyway, they found some ginger ale, which he also loves, so they bought an 8-pack.It happened to be Bienheim's, a ginger ale that is made in Hamer, SC.  It was THE STRONGEST ginger ale I've ever tasted!  It almost tastes medicinal!  We ended up bringing two bottles back to Columbia with us, so we decided to see if the Elders would like it.  When we were explaining it to them, Elder Muir knew exactly what we were talking about.  He had had some a while back and had been looking for it in this area.  He was thrilled to help us finished it off!  Elder Willie?  Not so much.  He had one word for it...NASTY!

It's stronger than root beer!

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