Monday, September 29, 2014

State Farmers' Market

Finally!  A REAL farmers' market!  Most of the farmers' markets you see are a little bit of produce and the rest food booths and assorted crafts, etc.  This is a real farmers' market with produce from all over the state of South Carolina.  It is huge!  It is so big that two lanes of cars can get down the center of the building with room to spare.  Produce is lined up on either side of the open-air building.  It is pretty cool!  We tasted muscadines for the first time ever!  I had never even seen a muscadine!  The green ones taste just like a green table grape Dad used to have in his orchard on 12th.  They are a lot bigger than a regular grape - and round.  They have VERY thick skins though, and I have a hard time getting past that.

Half bushels of raw peanuts

Sweet potatoes and bushels of raw peanuts

Colors of the fall harvest 

Outside the building.  Farmers just drive right up and unload their produce then display and sell it under the shelter.

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