Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Temple Square Sisters

We are blessed once again to have Temple Square Sisters come to our mission for their two-transfer proselyting experience.  Sister Mathias is from Germany and Sister Torino is from the Philippines. They have been on their missions  at Temple Square since last November.  I expected Sister Mathias to have a German accent, and I was brushing up on my language skills so I could speak a little Deutsch with her, but out of her mouth came beautiful British English!  Sister Torino came to the US knowing no English.  She said she just knew that she would be called to serve in the Philippines, so she studied another dialect as she prepared to serve, but instead of being assigned to the Philippines, she was sent to Temple Square in Salt Lake City. Her 1st language is Tagalog.  Now she knows three languages,  :o)

Sister Mathias and Sister Torino

Sister Mathias, Sister Rudy, Sister Wheelock and Sister Torino

These four met and went to the mission home so President could interview the two Temple Square Sisters - then he assigned them to their new trainers.  Sister Mathias will spend the next three months in Summerville with Sister Wheelock and Sister Torino will be working with Sister Rudy in Camden.

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