Monday, August 18, 2014

West Columbia Sisters' Miracle

Sister Hart and Sister Johnson had been working with a couple who could not be baptized because they were not living the Law of Chasity.  They wanted to get married, but could not because the woman’s previous husband refused to sign divorce papers.  The Sisters decided the family needed some help. They sent a prayer request out to the mission, and then they fasted and prayed that the woman’s ex-husband’s heart would be softened and he would sign the papers.  The two Sisters had been thinking a lot about this woman and her family.  They knew that it would be good for her to move out of the place where she and her three children lived because it was a bad environment.  They also felt that the ward members needed to fellowship them more.  They fasted and prayed for all those things.  Their fast was on a Sunday.  That evening, just after they broke their fast, the woman’s ex sent her an email.  He told her that he would not only sign the divorce papers, but that he would also sign custody of the children over to her and her fiancé.  The sisters were unaware of the email until they visited with the family the next day.  When they arrived at their home,  they found out about the email, and they also found out that the landlord had evicted the woman and her children that morning.  They had to move out that afternoon.  Ward members were rallying around them.  They got a hotel for them to stay in until they could find another apartment, they brought meals to the family and they have been trying to find her fiancé a job.  

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