Friday, August 8, 2014

Dispelling Myths about Mormons :o)

When Mike Landrum and his daughter met the two girls from SC, they were exchanging pins at the National History Day Competition.  He noticed the girls' southern accents and asked where they were from.  They told him they were from South Carolina.  They then asked Mike and his daughter where they lived.  Mike said, "We're from Idaho.  We live in a little town about half way between Boise, ID and Salt Lake City, UT.  The mother of one of the girls spoke up, "Salt Lake City!  That's the place I've warned you about!  That's where the Mormons live!"

Mike laughed.  He had gone to Kentucky on his mission, and was familiar with the feelings of those who live in the Bible Belt toward " The Mormons."  He said, "Well, you know, there are a lot of Mormons who live in Idaho too, and we are two of them."  He didn't describe the mother's reaction, but he did tell the girls to come and feel his head.  "See?  No horns!"  They all laughed!

He asked the mother what she knew about the Mormons.  Why did she think they were bad and should be avoided?  He said she just sat there and didn't say a word.  Mike and his daughter talked with the girls and their parents for an hour and a half - mostly about the church.  They answered a lot of questions, and dispelled a lot of rumors and myths  During the rest of the week, the girls hung out with his daughter and invited her to join them in several activities.  When they all returned home, they became FaceBook Friends.

The Landrums now want to share the Book of Mormon with the girls from South Carolina and their families, and they want to send them care packages.  They asked if it would be okay if the packages are delivered by missionaries in their area and the girls and their parents agreed.

We will be working with the Landrums in their missionary efforts.  I am referral secretary in the mission, so it will be my job to find out who the missionaries are and how best to get the packages to them for delivery.  :o)

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