Friday, August 8, 2014

APs August 2014 - AKA Life Savers!!!

These two young Elders have truly been life savers for our new mission president!  He has given them so much responsibility this last 6 weeks, since the transition from one president to another!  They have pretty much worked their tails off!  In fact,  they probably haven't had a real P-Day this whole last transfer.  So, President Turner told them yesterday, "You two take a P-Day tomorrow.  I don't want you going to the office.  Go have some fun!

Around 10 AM they came walking in - wearing their play clothes.  They said, "This feels really weird!"  :o)  They borrowed some clubs from a member in the Irmo Ward and went golfing over in Chapin.  I think they had fun.  We saw them at the office again tonight when we went down to clean.  They were back in their suits and back to work.

We LOVE these two Elders!  I would adopt them both in a heartbeat!  I think they both complete their missions before we go home.  Sending them home is going to be HARD!

Sister Barlow snapped this great shot of Elder Willie and Elder Muir outside the SC Temple Wednesday night.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these two Elders!

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