Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dutch Fork/Lexington Exchange Miracle

So, Sister Bowman went on exchanges with one of the Lexington Sisters yesterday.  They stopped in to visit a woman who had been investigating for quite a while - still showing an interest, but not progressing very quickly.  When they had been there before to teach, the woman's husband never came in the room and showed NO INTEREST at all in the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Yesterday, however, when the Sisters knocked on the door, the husband answered and he was beaming!  He said, "Come on in!  We've been waiting for you!  I went on the internet last night to find out about the Mormons and... "  (At this point the Sisters were thinking, "Oh no!"  They thought maybe he had gotten into anti-Mormon stuff online.)  But the man finished, "I was up till midnight listening to videos on!"  He loved what he heard and is ready to learn it all, "right now!" The Sisters told him that they would start teaching him along with his wife, but he said, "I want to learn it all right now!"

Happy Sisters!  They were remarking last night now often miracles happen when they are on exchanges.  Actually, there are plenty of miracles going on every day in the mission.  The Lord is in charge here.  :o)

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