Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Greenville Zone Saturday - Laurens, Greenville, Easley, Liberty, Clemson, Seneca, Walhalla, and Boiling Springs

When the Fentons were here, they told us about Isaqueena Falls and Stumphouse Tunnel up in the Greenville Zone, so we decided to go on our p-day.Our first stop was in Laurens.  We dropped off a box of weights that Elder Burk had had delivered to the office.  The box weighed 117 pounds!

Elder Webb and Elder Burk toted the box into the house.  They're developing muscles already!

Nathan and Justin were two young men from the ward that were serving "mini-missions"
with Elder Webb and Elder Burk on Saturday.

Costco in Greenville is one of only two in the State of South Carolina! 
No Costco in Columbia!  We've missed it since we've been out here!

I saw the display of Chicken Jerky and thought we had a find!  Unfortunately, it was the same kind of chicken  jerky my dad had bought in Kamas, UT on the way to the Uintas a few years ago.  Only that jerky was Atta Boy brand. My sister, Dena, LOVED it!  Hahaha!

On the drive up to the falls and the tunnel, we passed through some of the most beautiful parts of the state, in my opinion!  Easley, Liberty, Clemson, Seneca and Walhalla - loved them all!

A small stream by Isaqueena Falls

Looking refreshed

The trail to the falls

We could barely see the falls through the trees - but we could hear it, 
and it sounded so refreshing on a hot summer's day!

At the head of the falls

Looking down the trail that went up to the Stumphouse Tunnel

The entrance of the tunnel

Just outside the tunnel 

Inside the tunnel.  I lightened the photo a bit so it shows the texture of the tunnel walls.

We waled about a quarter mile back into the tunnel, till they had it gated off.  
It was very dark and we only had a small flashlight in our vehicle.  

At the mouth of the tunnel - the light is lousy in this pic, but oh well, it's all we've got.  :o)

Beautiful clapboard church in Easley

Tiger paw prints on the drive into Clemson University

Football stadium at Clemson

Full view of stadium

Baseball stadium entrance

Doug Kingsmore Stadium

Beautiful campus at Clemson University

Tillman Hall

Drive-by of the BMW Plant in Greenville, SC

Spartanburg 3rd East and West Spanish
These Elders have a lot of fun!!!

The Elders and some of the branch members sang Army of Helaman

Branch Mission Leader solo

The Elders song and dance - they were great!

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