Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dinner at the Bass's

The Basses invited us to dinner on Sunday but we couldn't come becaust we were feeding missionaries.  Lucky for us, they invited us on Wednesday.!  We were there with the Duvalls and the Roberts.  What a delightful evening!  Stayed out long past our bedtime, but it was such a good time.

Corryn Bass is from South Africa and she has this amazing British accent!  I could listen to her for hours!  Her husband, Allison, was widowed and Corryn was a single mom with five children.  A mutual acquaintance lined the two up and they have been married a little over a year.  What a beautiful, loving couple!

Corryn and Allison Bass

I had to get a pic of the serving spoon!  It has such a great feel, and the handle is very unique!
I wasn't at all surprised when Sister Bass told me it was a wart hog tusk.  She said, "Think Pumba!"  :o)

Before dinner we sat at a table in the kitchen while Corryn finished up with dinner.  Allison did clean-up and loaded the dishwasher.  They served us crackers with cream cheese.  One block of cheese had a sweet pepper sauce drizzled over the top and the other had a fresh salsa.

Then we moved into the dining room.  The table was set beautifully!  We had spinach, strawberry and citrus salad, lamb curry served with rice, chutney, ba-naw-nas, and finely shredded, unsweetened coconut.  Corryn did a demo of how to build the dish.  I WISH I had recorded her!  I love her beautiful accent and she is just so CUTE!  And she's a great cook!  For those who didn't like curry, she also make chicken a la king!  I didn't taste that, but it looked delicious!  She had nan from Trader Joes, which was also yummy.  

After dinner, we broke to the living room where the rest of us visited while Corryn made melktert and custard for dessert.  I had never eaten it before, but it was delicious!  It is another South African dish.  She made it from scratch while we heard the story of their meeting and courtship from Allison's perspective.  Delightful!

We talked and talked, ate dessert and talked some more.  Corryn asked Sister Roberts to relate her (their ) conversion story, which she did.  I had heard it all before,and have actually written it in this blog but I forgot one part of it.  When Mary was first beginning to investigate the church, she kept praying that God would show her the way she should go.  She also kept saying (aloud), "Joseph, show me the way."  She had no idea who Joseph was or why she would be saying that.  She prayed, asking God, "Who is this Joseph?"  She later found out as she opened a book the SLC Sisters had sent to her and there was a photo of Joseph Smith inside of it.:o)

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