Sunday, August 24, 2014

Another Chapin Baptism!

The Elders' investigator, Tim, will be getting baptized next Saturday.  I am so impressed with this man.  He has been to church at the branch 4 times now, and I can see a difference in his countenance every time he comes.  He missed a couple of weeks because he was on vacation in FL, but he went to church both Sundays he was down there.  When he got back, he called the Elders and said, "I'm ready to get baptized!  What do we have to do to make this happen?"  They ended up teaching him 3-4 nights in a row this past week to get all the lessons in, and he is ready to go.  We will NOT miss that baptism!  He kind of bore us his testimony in Sunday School class today, telling us how the gospel has totally changed his outlook on life.  It is very apparent!  He will be a strong member, and his wife, I don't think, will be far behind him.  They have a son too, but I'm not sure how old he is - maybe not eight yet, so he'll have to wait a while...but then, his Dad will be able to baptize him!  I expect that Tim will also be baptizing his wife.  :o)

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